Dance Force united - Artistry in dance

Dance Force United, is an elite establishment local to the Northcote road area, offering tuition in three main disciplines - Modern, Tap and Hip-hop with the inclusion of Lyrical, Contemporary, Fusion, Street and Club styles.

Dance Force United is an establishment committed in providing excellence within the Art of Dance, we pride ourselves in teaching the fundamental tools and skillsets necessary within the dance industry, whilst also emphasising the importance in understanding the history of Dance Movement.

Dance Force United continually strive toward the maintenance of structure, correct dance etiquette, self-discipline, perseverance and patience through set tasks in class either individually or within group work in order to best form positive habits – qualities most desirable in all spheres of life.

We ensure a constant encouragement in the use of movement-exploration in all dance styles in an effort for each one of our dancers - regardless of ability - to find their purest essence and most authentic sense of self-expression as well as original quality of movement within their Art of Dance.