If you aren't willing to work for it. Don't complain about not having it....

Good Luck to our Ella Bella Ballerina (Ella Ronte) as she auditions for the following;

Elmhurst Ballet School- 15th January, The Hammond- 22nd January, Royal ballet School-27th January and Tring Park- 28th January.

We know you will not only do us proud but most importantly yourself. We wish you all the best and congratulate you in putting a rather giant step forward into this wonderful world of Dance. You have come so far in just one short year and have worked so very hard not only on your constitution but your perception and mindset as well. We just simply could not be any more proud of you.

Good Luck Bubs, we’re rooting for you!


We would like to congratulate Ella on receiving places from both Tring Park and Elmhurst Ballet School. We are delighted that Ella has accepted her place at Tring Park and will be starting her new dance journey as of September, 2019.

We wish you all the best Ella Bella, you have made us all so very proud and we look forward to all that is in stall for this young bright star!

Lots of Love the DFU family! xx

Helena Desiree Davis