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To register for the 2019 Dance year, please complete the form below. An invoice will be sent based on registration. Please Note: Fees are paid termly in advance.

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Please Note:


registration with dance force united is an automated one year enrolment - it is required that re-enrolment take place November of each calendar year.


please note, we at Dance force united reserve the right to decline any enrolment based on the premise in which we feel you as the dancer or your family/guardian/s have failed with the up-keeping of the Dance Force United ethos, rules and/or T&C’s. or alternatively the assessment where a dancer may pose as high-risk due to injuries previously or currently stated.

Dancers Duty of Safe Practise

we at dance force united practice effective, efficient and safe dance instruction. However it is of the utmost importance and duty that dancer’s learn and adopt a diligent and safe dance practise in an effort to avoid any injuries or potentially harmful behaviour to one’s self or fellow class mates.

warm-up and cool- down

Dancer’s must be punctual, arriving with adequate warm-up time. Although we warm-up in class, it is still your duty as a dancer to ensure you are 100% warm (most specifically when you have had a break or are part of the C&P Team class), this goes for your cooling down period as well.

avoid accidents

Prior to your dance training please ensure the floor is always clear of any obstacles - dance bags, shoes, coats, water bottles etc..

correct dance attire/hair

Please ensure to wear the correct dance attire and dance footwear (when required), Hair is to be in a high pony tail, one/two plaits, bun etc.. ALL hair must be off the face no wisp’s - preferably fringe off of face (hair clips, pins, hairspray, hair tie’s, gel, hairbrush) learn to love these items.

learn proper instruction/ spatial awareness

observe all instruction especially when related to any such movement that has not been previously given or practised. learn to practise spatial awareness and be conscientious of those around you. please respect the rights of others to be taught and to learn, and do your best to support each other during challenging dance activities.


be aware of your own body - always let your dance instructor know whether you have an injury or have been suggested by a qualified medical practitioner to implement modifications. learn to apply and adapt this to your own dance training/practise or in the case where you may not already know ask for help to modify any exercises that you may find difficult. each day is different and we need to learn to listen to our bodies….. however, this will not qualify as an excuse for poor body conditioning/technique or a lazy attitude toward dance training. you will still be required to give 100% effort within any of the modified exercises or alternatively you will be asked to take the suitable time off for injury purposes, until such time you are able to return and practice conscientious dance training.

body conditioning

always do you best to maintain healthy body conditioning - the athleticism and atypical range of movement required of dancer’s in today’s industry provide reasonable challenges and risks within our art form. Dance force united offers a free technique and conditioning class to all dfu students - make the most of this class and practise the exercises as part of a regime in order to create habit. ensuring the maintenance of the dancer’s body, mind and spirit is essential. this includes proper and correct nutrition and hydration - all aiding the longevity of a dancer’s career. please ensure to have sufficient water with you, 500ml’s for a day of dance is simply inadequate.


in the event in which you have not had sufficient water or lunch breaks - put your hand up and ask for one!!! - we cannot keep tabs on everyone’s thirst/hunger level, however this does not call for a tea party during the middle of a lesson, the same goes for toilet breaks- put your hand up and ask!

as previously mentioned dance force united do our best to maintain and practise industry level dance instruction/training and practises and continually work toward a happy and safe environmental, physical and psychological dance practise. however due to the nature of dance and the expectancies of dancers within this art form, each step onto the dance floor is considered to be at your own risk and therefore most important that we teach/learn to train in an efficient, healthy and happy manner for the safety of yourself and that of your fellows.

safety Information

should any of the information given by yourself in the registration form change throughout the course of the year, we kindly ask to please inform us immediately in an effort to ensure all information regarding your child/ren’s safe keeping is kept on an up-to-date basis.

Invoices and payments

An automated invoice will be sent a month prior to the start of the next upcoming dance term. fees are paid termly in advance, Failure to do so will incur a 5% administration fee. Missed classes are strictly non-refundable.

Time off

We understand once in a while everyone may need some time off…..Should your family wish to take a break from dance force united, we ask as a courtesy for a 30-day notice period - should your family fall short of the allocated notice period, your family will be considered liable for the upcoming invoiced Dance term.


please keep absenteeism to a minimum, of course we understand holidays get booked and balance is important etc.. however, our term dates are set far in advance, please do your best to keep to them in an effort to cause minimum disruption to you and your fellow class mates’ learning. please note, if you have been absent it is your duty to catch up on any work missed. our classes are set and we will not have the time to go back and reteach if the work has already been covered. please take the required responsibility for your dance training.

we Thank-you for your registration!

The team @DFU